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This insurance provides cover for any damage that might occur to the house or its contents, including loss.

• Buildings cover protects the structure of the property. When a mortgage is taken buildings Insurance is normally a legal requirement of the mortgage lender, to protect their interest.

• Contents insurance is important if you have belongings that you want to cover both inside and outside of your home, whether you own your property or not.

• Buildings and contents can be taken as part of a combined policy or individually. 

One of our brokers can advise you on the following choices:

How much cover do you need?

The level of cover can be agreed with your adviser based on the current re-build cost of your home and he value of contents you wish to cover.

What type of cover do you need?

Buildings insurance is a legal requirement for all mortgaged houses and the majority of other homeowners who do not have a mortgage will also have this type of insurance.


As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

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