Secured Second Charge Mortgages

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About Secured Second Charge Mortgages

Second charge mortgages are taken with a different lender than your existing mortgages. The second lender takes a legal charge against your property that falls after that of the first. They are typically used for the consolidation of existing credit or home improvements, Second Charge mortgages can represent a great way of raising funds without the need to re-mortgage your property.

Second charge lenders can sometimes be more flexible when looking at income or previous credit issues so you may be able to obtain one when a first charge lender is unable to help. Here are some situations in which a second charge may be appropriate:

• Are you self employed and struggle to prove your income with accounts?

• Do you have a poor credit history – perhaps some arrears on a mortgage or loan, or a County Court Judgement?

• Are you looking to borrow more money than would be available with an unsecured loan?

• Are you looking to borrow over a longer term than would be available with an unsecured loan?

• Do you need to consolidate existing unsecured credit

• Almost any reasonable purpose for borrowing is considered.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Secured and unsecured loans are arranged by introduction only. Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. 

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